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I love Hunter’s Instagram post

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 AFI 4/21/2010 in Warsaw.

Used with permission.

Rotika’s archive of the event

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Album Art

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Artist AFI
Title Rewind
Album Burials
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Too long for Twitter… “Davey Bought Me Tampons”


Someone asked but this was way too long for Twitter…

There was this girl on Buzznet (I think she was around 15?) who posted a photo one day where she photoshopped herself over Davey Havok’s girlfriend in one of those “Ivy leaked” shots of them in bed. It looked horrible (in a humorous way), and the expression on the girl’s face looked like she’d just been violated with a cattle prod. She said flat out it was a joke, haha, etc.

So, about a year later I see an odd thumbnail pop up in my favorites sidebar under “AFI”, and click on it. What. The. Hell? It was an image of 6 tampons, unwrapped, lined up next to each other, with craft store google-eyes glued on and smiley faces drawn on. I read  the comments. Oh. My. God.

Apparently, over the course of the year, the girl had started posting about some mystery boyfriend she had, using cute nicknames instead of outright saying “Davey Havok” but obviously referring to him. She claimed to have moved into his house and had been living with him for a month (which screwed her timeline, as AFI was in Europe at the time), and at some point claimed to have had sex with him on an airplane while on tour. (this drew some fire as she was underage). Still, some people believed her, and she had a small group of friends who defended her and spread her story around, while somehow managing to hide under the radar of Buzznet’s mods.

Until the tampons.

One day, her boyfriend, home from touring and happily cohabitating with her, was kind enough to go to the store to buy her tampons because she was feeling poorly. On returning, he surprised her with a package of google-eyes, and to cheer her up they glued some onto tampons making little cheerful faces. “His turned out better” she claimed sweetly.

I wish I could find the screencap I took at the time (this was 2007 and I have no idea where to look for it) because those happy little tampon faces have been seared into my memory, possibly from having a stroke while I was flailing around on the floor laughing my ass off SO HARD.

The AFI community on Buzznet was less amused. In a topic of many many comments, a few posted in her defense but the majority was on the side of her being a delusional whackjob who needed psychiatric intervention. Some believed she should be brought to Davey’s attention and he should talk to her/straighten her out. My opinion was, “ARE YOU FUCKING NUTS, NO!”. Pretty much, if she WAS really delusional (as opposed to pulling a long running prank on gullible AFI fans), I can just imagine what validation she’d get from getting Davey’s attention. No, sorry, Davey is not your therapist or anyone elses. A restraining order to keep her as far from him as possible was a far better idea.

Alas, then Mark/PanasonicYouth deleted everything before I had a chance to look, and I couldn’t continue my lulz at the stuff she’d posted.

Note: While writing this I tried to find a photo of tampons with eyes glued on, not expecting to get anything in a search, and found actual craft forums for tampon crafts. I kid you not. If Davey was going to make tampon people, they’d probably look like this.

Can’t believe I hadn’t reblogged this before now… OH the memories, LOLZ

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The Colors of Summer is a full length album written and recorded by Hunter Burgan under the name Las Gatas Beach Club. It’s the soundtrack to a heavy-hearted summer featuring lush vocal harmonies and charming small instruments (ukulele, orchestral bells and hand-held percussion). It’s a tale of love, loss and summertime. 

Pick it up now, at postwarscience.com!

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Pretending to skateboard”

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what she said…

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Longtime poet, musician, singer, author, artist, writer and friend @DaveyHavok comes through the treehouse to get his custom leather Gregory jacket. #daveyhavok #Motorcycle #gregorysiff #afi #blaqkaudio #leather #silver #vengeance thank you homie!

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Exactly ten years ago we released this record. It seems like just yesterday! Happy birthday, Sing The Sorrow!” ~ Hunter

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Breaking Dawn pt. 3 - via Tranquil Mammoth

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